Explorer Post #33

The Explorer Post is a program for youth, ages 14 to 21, that aspire to have a career in Law Enforcement.


  • To further the Explorer's education
  • Encourage the Explorer's participation rewarding and productive activities
  • Enhance the Explorer's preparation for the future as productive citizens, community members, leaders, and future police officers.


  • The purpose of the Police Department Explorer program is to educate and involve youth in police operations, interest them in police careers, and to provide positive interaction with police operations.
The Explorer program will further the Explorer's education by providing the member with the basic knowledge of the field of law enforcement, thus providing the Explorer with a "head start" in the field of law enforcement.

The Watauga Police Department Explorer's recorded 1,019 hours for 2018.

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To submit an application to join the program please check out our application website.
For more information along with pictures and video check out our website

Boy Scouts of America/Learning for Life/Police Exploring