Bid Opportunities

Current Bid Opportunities 
The City of Watauga Purchasing Division provides three convenient options for interested parties to view bid opportunities:

  • Bid packets may be picked up at the purchasing office: 
    7105 Whitley Rd. 
    Watauga, TX 76148 
  • Access bid documents through DemandStar - These documents are available free of charge for DemandStar members, otherwise there is a small access fee 
Award of Bids 
The Watauga City Council makes the award of competitive sealed bids / proposals for projects and purchases in excess of $50,000 during regularly scheduled City Council meetings. Verbal or written quotations for bids less than $50,000 are awarded by Purchasing Department and other city department directors. Once the award has been made, the award date and selected vendor is noted on the tabulation page. 

Bid Tabulations 
Bid tabulations provide a summary of the bids / proposals received by the city. Totals listed on the bid tabulation are for comparison only. Bids are evaluated for completeness and compliance with specifications by the Purchasing Division and participating city department.