Economic Development

Shop Small 041421

Support your community. Remember to eat, drink and shop local.

Here are some more reasons you should shop small.

Money Stays Local

When you shop local businesses in your community, much more of your money stays local. A recent study estimates when people shop in their local communities, close to 70 percent of what you spend stays right there supporting the community. That number is cut in half for the big box stores, and almost nothing stays local when shopping online.

Raise Your Property Value

Did you know a vibrant and thriving local shopping can actually raise property values in your community? Potential buyers will see that, and they will want to live close by so they can visit again and again.

Help Build a Stronger Community

When you shop at a local business, you are supporting your neighbors. Local businesses hire people from their communities, donate to charities, and sponsor kids on the local little league teams. Shopping at a local business means you’re helping a family pay their mortgage, send their kids to summer camp, or paying medical bills. You’re supporting a person, not a corporation.

It’s Fun

Strolling in and out of little shops is just plain fun. Those small businesses have some cool, unique gifts you just can’t get anywhere else.