Storm Water

TCEQ Compliance

  1. Notice of Intent – Watauga
  2. Watauga Term III SWMP 2019-2024
  3. General Permit TXR040000
  4. General Permit TXRO40000 Factsheet

Importance of Storm Water Compliance

All residential and business owners within the City limits of Watauga, Texas are required (by our City Ordinances and Storm Water Regulations) to help keep our channels, creeks and streams free of contaminants. Storm Water eventually winds up in our rivers and lakes, which is our main source for drinking water. The following is a list of things (Not to Do), to keep from contaminating our Storm Water System. 

  1. All grass clippings must be left on the lawn or bagged properly for disposal through Community Waste Disposal. 
  2. No trash or debris can be left on your property, which could be considered an eyesore or nuisance. 
  3. Do not dump oil, chemicals, pesticides, paint or any pollutant into the storm drain inlet pipe, channel or creek. 
  4. Do not allow automobiles or equipment to leak fluids in driveways or on the street pavement. This type of discharge will end up in the storm drain after a rain. 

Things you can do to practice Good Housekeeping

Use pesticides wisely! Always follow directions. 

  1. Limit the use of soap when washing your car in the driveway. We recommend not using soap at all because detergent is one of the most common pollutants in storm water. 
  2. Any old paint or household chemicals can be disposed of properly by taking them to the Environmental Collection Center. You must get a voucher from City Hall to use the center. Proof of residency is required and information can be obtained by calling 817.392.3279.
  3. Clean up after your pets. Pet waste left on the ground will wash into creeks and lakes through the storm drain system. Pet waste will contribute harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses into our waterways. 
  4. Remember not to litter! Litter is a significant source of storm water pollution. Debris will block our storm drains, which can lead to flooding, impaired water quality and may be a hazard to wildlife. Keeping a litter-bag in your car is a very good idea.