City Board, Committee, Commission and Corporation Members Needed 

The City of Watauga is looking for citizen volunteers to serve on various boards, committees, commissions and corporations. The City Council relies on these groups to make informed decisions, and it is a perfect opportunity for citizens to get involved in your local government. 

Citizens may serve on more than one board, committee, commission or corporation. If you are interested in serving the City of Watauga, please contact the City Secretary's Office at 817.514.5812 for more information. You can also apply on-line

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Charter Review CommissionPlace 3, Place 4, Place 5
Board of AppealsPlace 3
Zoning Board of AdjustmentsAlternate 1, Alternate 2, Alternate 3, Alternate 4
Youth Advisory CouncilNeed 5 students grades 8-12
Park Advisory Board
Place 5
Animal Services Advisory
Need Veterinarian for Board