Strategic Plan 2018-2019

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The City Council reviews its goals on a yearly basis during various days of Strategic Planning.  The 2018-2019 Strategic Plan was unanimously approved on February 26, 2018.  The plan was developed and updated by the City Council in collaboration with city staff in an effort to efficiently address key priorities with regard to economic viability, safety and security, infrastructure, and strengthening the community.  The six goals addressed in the Strategic Plan were focused on the City Council's vision statement and core values.  

The Strategic Goals are utilized by all departments as a guide. In order to meet the broadly defined Strategic Goals, smaller, short-term goals with corresponding objectives are developed. These objectives have performance measures that serve as an evaluation tool for the staff’s progress. Using the long-term strategic objectives and goals, short-term specific goals, objectives and corresponding performance measures, staff is able to improve the quality, direction, and momentum of services provided by the City and continue making Watauga, "A Great Place to Live".