Watauga Animal Services offers pet micro-chipping and chip registration at a discounted price of $20.00 for residents and non-residents. No appointment is necessary, just stop by the Shelter during business hours with your pet and their CURRENT Rabies Certificate.

How Microchips Work:

A HomeAgain microchip is your pet's permanent ID. A pet microchip, the size of a grain of rice goes beneath your pet's skin.  This permanent ID can never be removed or become impossible to read. HomeAgain uses this ID to contact you and reunite you with your pet.
HomeAgain's trained Lost Pet Specialists and Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7. You may also want to check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

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Small wildlife/animals such as raccoons, opossums, cats, squirrels, and skunks can be humanly trapped in a Live Animal Trap. The Shelter can provide Watauga residents with a trap for a $55.00 deposit that will be returned to you once you have trapped the wildlife/animal you are wanting removed from your property. You may also use your own private trap as long as it is humane and Animal Control will remove any animal you trap.

The City Of Watauga has temporarily suspended the live animal trapping program. No live traps will be loaned out or serviced at this time. Citizens may continue using their personally owned live traps, but the Citizen will be responsible for bringing the trapped animal to the animal shelter during normal business hours. Citizens must take care to ensure their traps are being used in a humane manner. 

No trapping is permitted Friday evening through Sunday evening.

 Live Animal Trap Request

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Disposal of Lost Pet

We know first-hand how devastating losing a pet can be. The death of a pet brings with it yet another difficult decision, and one which you may not be prepared, at the moment of loss, to deal with. That is the decision of how to handle your pet’s remains.
 Watauga Animal Services will dispose of your deceased pet at no charge if you bring him/her to the Animal Services Center. If you are unable to bring your deceased pet to the Shelter, we will retrieve your pet from your home for a fee of $27.00 to be paid to the Animal Control Officer upon pick-up.

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