Report a Lost or Found Pet

Reporting a LOST pet is imperative in recovering your furry family member, if you are unable to come into the Animal Services Center to look for your pet you can contact staff at (817)656-9614, e-mail the Shelter or submit a lost report at MyGov.

Please understand that if you call the Shelter looking for your missing pet, we make no guarantees of confirming your animal is not in the Shelter, it is ALWAYS best to either send a photo via e-mail or come into the Shelter to view the animals yourself.

You may also report a FOUND pet in the same way described above.

When reporting a FOUND/LOST pet, please provide the following information:
1. Your name and contact information
2. Where the animal was found 
(be as specific as possible)
3. Animal description
4. Animal type
5. Breed
6. Color
7. Size
8. Male or Female
9. Any distinguishing marks the animal may       have
10. Color/Clothing/Tags
11. Condition of animal/Age if known

*The Watauga Animal Services will accept reports for animals who are Found or Lost in other areas outside the Watauga city limits, however we will only take animals into the Shelter for safe keeping if they were found within the City of Watauga.  We make no guarantees that any animal will be reclaimed by their family or be placed for Adoption once they complete the “Hold Period” and become property of the City of Watauga.