Storm Drainage Fees

The City of Watauga established the Municipal Drainage Utility System to protect the public health and safety from loss of life and property caused by surface water overflows and surface water stagnation within the boundaries of the City.  Each and every owner of a lot or parcel of developed property within the City should pay for the availability, use and maintenance of the storm drainage system.  Developed properties have impervious surfaces (buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) that prevent water from permeating into the ground.  Thus, all developed properties have an impact on the storm drainage system.  The City's schedule of drainage charges is set by Ordinance and can be found below:

Residential$11.00 per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit)

All other lots All  other lots,  tracts   and  parcels  of  land  within  the  City of  Watauga, Texas  are charged on the  basis  of the acreage contained in said lot, tract or parcel of land, and the use  made  of  such  property,  in accordance  with  the following schedule  of drainage charges

Land UseRun-off CoefficientRate per Acre
Vacant Land0.30$0.00

Calculation: Land Use Rate per Acre x Total Acreage of Property = Monthly Fee

Example:  A commercial property has total acreage of 1.50 acres.  

Calculation: $ 106.74 x 1.50 acres = $160.11 fee per month