Stay Informed

There are multiple ways to receive information from the City of Watauga.  

  • For Routine and and Emergency Alerts which include notifications via email, SMS, phone call or mobile app, the City uses the Civic Ready platform.  This mass communication system is built primarily from public data bases and user sign-up.  This service is primarily used for Emergency Alerts, including weather alerts, road closures, missing persons, etc. and some informational purposes, such as promotion of upcoming events.
  • For the City Newsletter or Website notifications, the City uses the Notify Me Platform.  This service is primarily used to send out the monthly newsletter as well as to provide updates regarding changes to the web site, including News Flash items and other Events.
  • The City has several Social Media feeds you can subscribe to or follow where information is posted nearly every day.
  1. Routine & Emergency Alerts
  2. Notify Me - Website Notifications
  3. Social Media


Examples of routine notifications include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • City office closings
  • Road closures

Examples of emergency notifications include:

  • Severe weather alerts
  • Missing persons
  • Evacuations

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