Splash Pad

The Splash Pad project includes all labor, materials and equipment to perform all operations necessary for the completion of the fully automated, interactive splash pad system for users of all ages.  The system includes spray features, water management system, and all other required items as needed.  The splash pad project includes, but is not limited to all excavation, concrete footings, any required backfill, hardware, fittings, nozzles, piping, wiring, accessories, splash ad recycle water management system and finishes as required in accordance with the project plans and specifications.

The proposed location of the splash pad is Capp Smith Park, located at 5800 Robin Drive.  The City is seeking grant funding from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to offset some of the cost of this project.


Total Splash Park Area:
  2,696 Sq. Ft.
Maximum Total Users:

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Proposed Features

Splash pad proposed features and amenities include 5 Aqua Arches, 1 Water Web, 1 Water Cage, 1 Fling Bucket, 2 Baby Long Legs, 1 Mushroom Maze, 1 Water Sprout, 2 Water Flowers, 9 Glow Domes with Splash-o-Lator Effect, 1 Water Weave, 1 Orbit, 3 Wall Mounted Pony Tails, 1 Tidal Barrel, 2 Popp Dropps, 2 Over N' Unders and 1 Touch and Go.  
WaterWeb  WaterCage 
Aqua Arch  Water Web Water Cage
 FlingBucket  BabyLongLegs  MushroomMaze
 Fling Bucket Baby Long Legs Mushroom Maze
 WaterSprout WaterFlower  GlowDome 
 Water Sprout Water Flower Glow Dome
 WaterWeave ORBIT   PonyTail
Water Weave  Orbit Pony Tail
TidalBarrel  Pop Drop  OverandUnder 
 Tidal Barrel Popp Dropp Over N' Under
  Touch and Go