Council Place 3

Council Member Sandra Bush has lived in Watauga since 1970. She has been politically active as a young Republican and later as a Delegate for many Past Administrations.  She has helped campaign for many running for office in Texas and nationally.

Her career started with Laboratory in Biochemistry as well as Cardiology. She went into Medical Surgical sales and sold capital equipment to Hospitals and later sold Led Care II POC instruments to physician offices, Hospital Labs and Indian Health as well as Public Health all levels of government. Prior to that she sold Microbiologies to 20 distributors in 7 States.  She performed trainings, certifications and proficiency testing out of Wisconsin.

Council Member Bush has always been interested in Watauga as a City and  has watched it grow over the decades.  Her hope is to enrich the health of Watauga and help to continue Watauga being A Great Place To Live.