Rabies Vaccination

Every owner of a dog or cat four months of age or older shall have such animals vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. The animal must receive a booster vaccination within the 12-month interval following the initial vaccination. The owner shall then have the option of continuing the yearly vaccination or having the animal vaccinated every three years. Any person establishing residence within the City of Watauga shall comply with this requirement within ten days of establishing such residence. If a non-vaccinated dog or cat inflicts a bite, scratch, or otherwise attacks any person within the city limits, a rabies vaccine shall not be administered to the dog or cat until after a ten day observation period beginning with the date of the bite, scratch or attack. 

Certificate of Vaccination

Upon vaccination, the veterinarian shall execute and furnish, to the owner of the dog or cat as evidence thereof, a certificate of vaccination. The veterinarian shall retain a duplicate copy of the certificate and one copy shall be filed with the owner. Such certificate shall contain the following information:

  • Identifying information of the animal including:
    • Approximate age [three months to twelve months] or [twelve months and older]
    • Colors
    • Predominant breed
    • Sex, including neutered if applicable
    • Size in pounds
    • Species
  • The date of vaccination
  • The date on which the vaccination expires (re-vaccination due date)
  • The name, address and telephone number of the owner of the vaccinated animal
  • The rabies tag number if a tag is issued
  • The vaccine used-producer, expiration date and serial number
  • The veterinarian’s signature or signature stamp and license number

Suggested Vaccinations

Watauga Animal Services (83)

Watauga Animal Services (84)

Pet Registration

All dogs and cats four months of age or older which are kept, harbored or maintained within the corporate limits of the city shall be licensed. Cat and dog licenses shall be issued by the animal control officer or his or her agents upon payment of the required fee for each cat or dog. 

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