The City of Watauga is dedicated and committed to providing exceptional services in a safe environment for citizens, visitors, and local businesses. Occasionally, an incident may occur in which a citizen or visitor may believe the City has not taken appropriate action. In such cases, the citizens or visitors may elect to file a claim by completing a Claims Form online or in writing and submitting it to the City Secretary's Office in person, or via mail, along with all necessary documentation.   Please note that the claim process typically takes 7-14 business days, however, depending on the nature of the claim filed it can take longer.

The typical Claims Process time-frame is as follows:

  1. Claim is filed against the City
  2. Claim is reviewed and researched by the City Secretary's Office                                       (this typically occurs within 2-4 business days)
  3. Claims estimated to be over $500 are submitted to the Texas Municipal Risk Pool       (this typically occurs within 4-7 business days of submittal)
  4. Claims estimated to be under $500 are processed by the City Secretary's Office          (this typically occurs within 7-14 business days)  
*Once a Claim against the City has been filed ONLY the City Secretary's Office or the Texas Municipal Risk Pool will correspond with the claimant.  

Article V, Division 2 of the Code of Ordinances outlines the rules to follow in the event a claim is filed. For more information or assistance with filing a claim, please contact the City Secretary's Office via phone at 817.514.5825.