Code Compliance


The City of Watauga employs three Code Compliance Officers, one Construction Inspector and one Building Inspector. Under the direction of the Building Official, they work to maintain the integrity and safety of commercial and residential property in Watauga.

Common Code Violations

Watauga’s Code of Ordinances contains rules and regulations for the city. By following the rules and regulations, citizens help keep the city clean and improve the community.

Below is a list of the most common code violations. Report a Code Violation on-line or call 817.514.5853, 817.514.5842, 817.514.5753. For commercial Code Violations, please contact the Building Inspector at 817.514.5841. For all Animal Control issues/violations/questions please call 817.656.9614

 row vehicle For the safety of pedestrians vehicles may not block sidewalk at any time. 
Blocking Sidewalks: Obstruction Unlawful - Sec. 34-2(c)

 outside storage Items may not be stored outside at any time in public view or in backyard. If item is not made for outside it should be stored appropriately inside. 

Unsightly Conditions - Sec. 26-211

 Swimming Pool Swimming pool must remain clean and clear at all times. 
Swimming Pool - Sec. 26-184(a)(6)

 Property Maintenance Rotting wood, chipping paint, broken fence pickets must be maintained in good condition.

Property Maintenance - Sec. 26-97 through 26-99

 Inoperative Vehicle Vehicles must be operable and have current registration. Vehicles may not be dismantled in public view.

 Inoperative Vehicle - Sec. 26-266

 bulk trash Bulk trash may only be out for pickup 48 hours before pickup. Bulk trash schedule may be seen here : Bulk Trash Schedule 

Bulk Trash - Sec. 32-21(f)


Trailers may not be stored in the street at any time. Trailers must be parked behind property line on approved hard surface (concrete, asphalt). They are allowed in the street for loading and unloading purposes only, for a max of 3 hours.

Trailers / Boats / RVs - Sec. 40-211

 parking on grass Vehicles, trailers or motorcycles may not be parked in the yard at any time.

Parking in the Yard - Sec. 40-262

 basketball goal row Basketball goals must be place on private property. This is behind the sidewalk on property yard or driveway. Goal may not be on grass area close to the street or have the rim block the sidewalk.

 Basketball Goals Placement - Sec. 34-2(a)

 hw example Grass must remain under 12 inches at all times in the front and back yard. Grass is required to have weed eating and edging done around all sidewalks, fences and walls of the house. Grass may NOT be blown into street or left on the sidewalk. 

High Grass and Weeds -Sec. 26-212