Emergency Management

One of the primary goals of the City of Watauga is to provide a safe and secure city. To meet this goal, the city has an Emergency Management Plan; officers in police, fire and emergency medical response who are available at all times; HazMat-trained professionals on staff and reciprocal agreements with other agencies to provide additional services during emergencies.

In addition, the City of Watauga has extensive experience in dealing with major emergencies and disasters. Safety training and drills take place on a regular basis in many different departments outside of the Fire and Police departments to assure that the staff is prepared to use proper procedures in an emergency situation.

Citywide Emergencies

Due to recent events and the immense publicity about possible exposure to biochemical and other hazards, citizens are understandably concerned about emergency management preparedness and safety. During a citywide emergency such as a tornado or other hazardous situations, the City of Watauga will sound the warning sirens and then activate the city's 1670 AM radio station to provide information to the citizens. The city may also activate the mass telephone notification system to notify residents of important safety information.

Emergency Management Plan

The Mayor is responsible for developing and implementing the Emergency Management Plan for the City of Watauga. The plan is developed with four major concepts in mind. Those concepts are mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. These concepts will be utilized in the most efficient, safe and timely manner when handling natural disasters, man-made emergencies and homeland security.

  • Mitigation - Those activities that eliminate or reduce the probability of disaster
  • Preparedness - Those activities which government, organizations and individuals develop to save lives and minimize damage
  • Response - Those activities that follow a disaster and are designed to prevent loss of lives and property as well as provide emergency assistance
  • Recovery - Short- and long-term activities that return all systems to normal or as close to normal as possible
Any one of these situations could require response from other agencies as well as the City of Watauga. The city will be able to function in a mutual capacity with other agencies should a major event occur within our city.