Precautionary Evacuation

Prior to a city-wide disaster when notice to citizens is possible, the city will activate a precautionary evacuation as follows:

  • Authorize the broadcast of radio message(s) on the city's 1670 AM radio station or access the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) using established procedures.
  • Authorize television broadcast of evacuation maps and script.
  • Encourage people to visit friends or relatives outside the potential hazard are, if possible.
  • Coordinate with law enforcement agencies to release evacuation instruction through patrol car and helicopter public address systems and door-to-door contact, as appropriate, if evacuation is necessary and advise the public not to return to the evacuation area until told to do so.
  • Release information about school evacuation (in coordination with school officials).
  • Release special instructions for those evacuating pets (animals will not be allowed in mass care facilities).

The city will broadcast information on:

  • Cautions to media about potential dangers and traffic controls or other restrictions in evacuation area
  • Gas stations remaining open
  • Indicate curfews and travel restrictions in effect within evacuation area
  • Locations of emergency medical aid stations and mass care facilities
  • Release information on the number of persons being housed and fed at mass care facilities

During a disaster, the following types of information shall be provided to the public as soon as possible in as much detail as possible:

  • Agencies involved in response
  • Condition of casualties and where treated
  • Identification, age, sex, address of casualties (pending next of kin notification)
  • Location of disaster
  • Nature and severity of injuries
  • Nature of disaster
  • Number of casualties, if any
  • Places of contact for mission relatives
  • Restricted areas
  • Scope of agency involvement
  • Time of disaster