Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal conducts fire prevention inspections to commercial property annually.

If you feel a business is in violation of the fire code, ordinances or is conducting an unsafe action, you may contact the Fire Marshal for enforcement action.

Fire Codes

The City has adopted the 2021 edition of the International Fire Code to use as its model code, with some amendments found in chapter 5 of the list of ordinances. The City of Watauga has numerous codes and ordinances either created or amended to ensure a good quality of life. Many city departments use these codes to help citizens by maintaining a certain order in our lives. An example, are the fire codes and ordinances that help regulate safe buildings and practices.


Fires are investigated for the following reasons:

Origin and Cause

We look to find where and why a fire started. This helps us in learning how to prevent fires and find common trends. Investigators frequently work with insurance companies to determine the cause of a fire, which may lead to subrogation of the loss.


The crime of arson may be suspected through the Origin & Cause investigation. At this time the area would be treated as a crime scene as in any other major crime and thoroughly investigated. It is our intent to build a case for presentation to the District Attorney for prosecution. The fire department has 6 fire and arson investigators that are also sworn peace officers to enforce the laws of the State of Texas pertaining to the crime of arson.

Public Education

The fire department conducts Public Education in a variety of ways; school visits, fire station tours, community events and scheduled training programs to promote fire safety and health awareness.