Operations and Training

The Operations Division is comprised of three shifts that work a 48 hour on, 96 hour off schedule (A, B, and C platoon schedule). Every day one Engine with minimum of 3 personnel and two MICU Ambulances with two personnel each are staffed 24/365. We respond to approximately 2,500 calls a year from one Central Fire Station.

Shift Lieutenants

Phone: 817.514.5797

  • A-Shift - Lt. Robert Boettcher
  • B-Shift - Lt. Kevin Knox
  • C-Shift - Lt. Brian Gardner

Special Operations

Special Operations are carried out by a shared services conglomerate that the Watauga Fire Department is a proud member of called the Northeast Fire Department Association. This group shares resources between each member city to provide a Hazardous Materials Response Team, Bomb Team, Technical Rescue, Mass Casualty Response and Swift Water Rescue.


Training is delivered in a variety of ways. The fire department has its own instructors on staff to conduct in house continued education training.

We also contract with Tarrant County College through the NEFDA group to conduct multiple jurisdiction training, to be prepared to effectively respond with other cities during large emergency incidents.