Policy Manual


Article 1 Introduction
 1.01 Policies and Procedures Instructions

 Article 2 Laws and Regulations 
 2.01 Equal Employment Opportunity
 2.02 Americans with Disability Act
 2.03 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
 2.04 Fair Credit Reporting Act
 2.05 Fair Labor Standards Act
 2.06 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
 2.07 Immigration Reform Act
 2.08 Whistle Blower Act

Article 3 Employment
 3.01 Recruitment
 3.02 Selection Process
 3.03 Probation Period
 3.04Fitness for Duty
3.05Employee Orientation

Article 4 Employee Development
 4.01 Performance Evaluations
 4.02 Training 
 4.03Travel and Reimbursement
 4.04 Career Development
 4.05Certification Pay
4.06Tuition Reimbursement
4.07Performance Improvement Plan

Article 5 Employee Records
 5.01 Employee Records
 5.02 Reference Checks/Verification of Employment

Article 6 Classification and Compensation Program
 6.01 Procedure for Receiving Pay
 6.02Overtime and Compensatory Time
 6.03 Payroll Deductions and Garnishments
 6.04 Classification and Compensation Plan 
 6.05 On-Call and Call Back
 6.06 Position Classification and Evaluation
 6.07 Longevity Pay 

Article 7 Employee Benefits
 7.01 Overview of Benefits Program
 7.02Workers' Compensation
 7.03  Uniform and Clothing Allowance
 7.04 Retirement
 7.05Employee Assistance Program
7.06 Tool Allowance
7.07Work Flexibility Program

Article 8 Leave
 8.01 Holidays
 8.02 Vacation Leave
 8.03 Sick Leave
 8.04 Family Medical Leave Act
 8.05Military Leave
 8.06 Other Types of Leave
8.07Public Safety Quarantine Leave
8.08Mental Health Leave for Peace Officers and Fire Fighters

Article 9 Mobile Communications Devices
 9.01Mobile Communication Devices

Article 10 Standards of Conduct for Employees
 10.01 Duty to Notify of Arrests, Charges and Convictions
 10.02Meal Periods and Breaks
 10.03 Attendance and Punctuality
 10.04 Confidentiality
 10.05 Workplace Violence Prevention
 10.06 Dress Code, Uniforms and Personal Appearance
 10.07 Outside Employment
 10.08 Harassment-Free Work Place
 10.09 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
 10.10Performance and Conduct Expectations
 10.11 Weapons
 10.12Life Threatening/Infectious Disease
 10.13Conflict of Interest, Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
10.14Lactation Breaks

Article 11 Discipline and Separation
 11.01 Discipline Process
11.02 To Be Assigned 
 11.03Types of Non-Disciplinary Separations

Article 12 Employee Management Relations
 12.01 Employee Grievance Procedure
 12.02 Complaints by Citizens
 12.03 Employee Organizations

Article 13 Finance
 13.01 Purchasing Policy
 13.02 Purchasing Card Policy
 13.03 Accounts Payable
 13.04 Budget Adjustment
 13.05 Surplus Asset Disposal
13.06Non-Travel Related Food Purchases

Article 14 Information Systems
 14.01City Information Systems
 14.02Facility Access and Control
 14.03Social Media
14.04Video Surveillance

Article 15 Vehicle Use
 15.01 Vehicle Use Policy
 15.02 Clean Fleet Policy
15.03Vehicle and Equipment Replacement

Article 16 Safety
 16.01Employee Safety

Article 17 Volunteers

Article 18 General
 18.01Inclement Weather
18.02Emergency Action Guidelines
 18.03Declared Emergency Plan (COVID-19)