Municipal Court


The Watauga Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of city government and is operated under the Finance Department.

The Watauga Municipal Court is organized into two divisions, the Judiciary and Administration. The function of the Judiciary is to conduct business separate and independent of the other two branches of government, and to providing fair and impartial justice to the citizens of Watauga.

Court Room
The duty of the Administration division is to support the Judiciary by assisting the public with experience and patience and by managing court operations proficiently.

Nothing contained within this website is intended to be interpreted as legal advice.

Court / Judge Sessions Schedule 


Initial Appearance:  2  pm Thursdays  

Pre-Trial:   3 pm – 4th  Thursday  of each month

Bench Trial:  5 pm – 4th Thursday as needed

Show Cause Hearings:  1 pm  - 2nd  and  4th Tuesday of each month

Juvenile Docket:  3 pm on Thursday Initial Appearances

 Attorney Plea Dockets:  1 pm – 4th Thursday of each month

Jury Trial: as needed but usually the 2nd  Monday  of the month at 8:30 am

Notice to Jurors: Please bring your juror information sheet filled out and expect to serve only 1 day. Most jury trials last about 4 hours, but 8 hours is the maximum required service.