The City of Watauga is proud to offer Agendas, Minutes, Notices and Videos to our citizens online. Per Section 551.050 of the Texas Local Government Code, a municipal governmental body shall post notice of each meeting on a physical or electronic bulletin board at a place convenient to the public in the city hall. The required and most up to date agendas and notices will always be posted at city hall on the bulletin boards. The City of Watauga makes a good faith effort to ensure that the most current and updated agendas and notices are available online, however, the agendas and notices below are provided online as a convenience and do not replace the legally required posting at city hall.


City Council-Public Hearings

Agenda Minutes Media Download

Dec 18, 2017

Public Hearing- Municipal Drainage Utility System

Oct 16, 2017

Public Hearing- Planning and Zoning Case Z-17-02

Jun 19, 2017

Public Hearing- Final Plat - P-17-03


Mar 27, 2017

Notice of Public Hearing


Jan 23, 2017

Public Hearing- Planning & Zoning Case 16-09