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Posted on: July 29, 2020

First Positive West Nile Virus Mosquito Test

We’ve been notified by the Tarrant County Public Health Department that one mosquito sample from within the city limits has tested positive for West Nile Virus. This is the city’s first positive test of the year.  The positive test sample was taken from the trap located near the 6700 block of Park Vista Boulevard.

Tarrant County Public Health guidelines call for the following response to the current level of risk.  The recommended response is public education, larvicing of breeding areas around the infected trap site, and the consideration of ground-based ULV adulticide application around the trap location.  The City of Watauga shall follow the recommendations as listed.  If a second positive test comes back next week for this trap location, we shall implement ground-based ULV adulticide in the area near the trap.

Please take the necessary precautions for your health and work to reduce the breeding area around your home by: Unclog Rain Gutters, Drain flowerpot dishes, apply mosquito dunks to areas holding water, dump plastic wading pools daily, dispose of unused tires or drill holes in them, turn wheelbarrows upside down, dump yard containers, fill tree holes, check for leaky faucets and/or pipes, replace water in bird baths and animal dishes daily, place mosquito eating fish in ponds, check screens on windows and doors for tears, and keep vegetation trimmed to prevent adult resting areas.  A tablespoon of mineral oil can kill mosquitos in small containers.

If working outside in an area with mosquitos, please: use repellent with deet, picaradin, IR353 or oil of lemon-eucalyptus and wear light colored long sleeves and pants.