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Posted on: August 13, 2020

New HAWK Crossing Signal at Whitley Road and Whispering Lane

Whitley Road from Watauga Road to Chapman Road is still under construction and expected to be under construction until January 2021.  However, the crossing at Whispering Lane on Whitley Road is usable and there is no heavy construction planned other than one guardrail with a date to be determined on the installation.

In addition to adding a stamped and stained crosswalk with all appropriate school crossing signage, we install a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) Signal.  The HAWK Signal has a button located on a pole by the sidewalk for pedestrians to push.  It activates the signal and the vehicular traffic sees flashing yellow lights (cars prepare to stop), then solid red (car should have stopped), blinking red (cars may proceed if no one is in the crosswalk), and finally the signal goes dark (cars may proceed if no one is in the crosswalk).  The pedestrians see, a solid red hand (do not cross), then a walking person icon (proceed to cross if traffic stopped), then a flashing red hand with count down timer (if in crosswalk proceed to other side, if not, do not enter), and finally, a solid red hand (if in the crosswalk proceed to other side, if not, do not enter).  The signal is set to provide 20 total seconds to cross the street at this time.

Regardless of what state the signal is in, vehicular traffic is required by law to yield pedestrians in a crosswalk.  Failure for the signal to operate or if pedestrians are still in the crosswalk does not give any legal permission for vehicles to enter or proceed while pedestrians are in the crosswalk.  There are signs stating “Stop for Children in Crosswalk” at all our school crossings throughout the City.

The City of Watauga is pleased to be able to provide another level of safety for all our school children and pedestrians.

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