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  1. Backyard Chickens 101

    On Monday, May 13, 2019, Watauga City Council passed an Ordinance allowing Watauga residents to house between 1 and 6 Backyard Chickens... More…

  2. Lost Pet Report

    Reporting a LOST pet is imperative in recovering your furry family member. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as... More…

  1. Found Pet Report

    Reporting a FOUND pet is essential in reconnecting them with their rightful owner. Please answer the following questions with as much... More…

Boards and Committees

  1. Application for Boards, Committees, Commissions

    Be part of the City of Watauga's future and give back to the community by serving on a city board, committee, or commission.

City Council

  1. Certificate Request

    Please fill out the information below to submit a request for a Certificate to be issued by the Mayor. The request must be submitted... More…

  2. Public Information Act Waiver

    The Public Information Act allows employees, public officials and former employees to elect whether to keep certain information about... More…

  1. Proclamation Request

    Please fill out the information below to submit a request for a Proclamation to be issued by the Mayor. The request must be submitted... More…

City Secretary

  1. Claim Update Form

    This form is to be used when reporting information to the City Secretary's Office after a claim has been filed against the City which... More…

  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Key Acceptance Form
  4. Reporting an Incident
  5. Request for Lien Search/Lien Release
  1. Concern/Question/Inquiry/Complaint - Submitted via CSO Regarding your Department
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey - CSO
  3. Reporting an Accident or Incident
  4. Request for Approval for Large Gatherings

    This form is designed to request approval for large gatherings during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contact US

  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Contact Us - Accounts Payable
  3. Contact Us - Athletics and Programming Coordinator
  4. Contact Us - Building Official (Planning & Zoning)
  5. Contact Us - Chief Information Officer / PIO
  6. Contact Us - City Council Members
  7. Contact Us - City Secretary
  8. Contact Us - Council Place 2
  9. Contact Us - Council Place 4
  10. Contact Us - Council Place 6
  11. Contact Us - Crime Victim Liasion
  12. Contact Us - Economic Development
  13. Contact Us - Fire Battalion Chief (Operations)
  14. Contact Us - Fire Marshal
  15. Contact Us - HR Director
  16. Contact Us - IT Administrator
  17. Contact Us - Library-Adult Services Librarian
  18. Contact Us - Library-Circulation Department
  19. Contact Us - Mayor
  20. Contact Us - Parks and CS Director
  21. Contact Us - Planning and Development Specialist
  22. Contact Us - Police Chief
  23. Contact Us - Police Operations
  24. Contact Us - Professional Standards
  25. Contact Us - Public Works Director
  26. Contact Us - Recreation Programmer
  27. Contact Us - Senior Center Coordinator
  28. Contact Us - Traffic Division
  29. Contact Us - Utility Administrator
  1. Contact Us
  2. Contact Us - Assistant Finance Director - Purchasing Agent
  3. Contact Us - Building Inspector
  4. Contact Us - Central Communications
  5. Contact Us - CID
  6. Contact Us - City Manager
  7. Contact Us - Code Enforcement
  8. Contact Us - Council Place 3
  9. Contact Us - Council Place 5
  10. Contact Us - Court Administrator
  11. Contact Us - Deputy Court Clerk
  12. Contact Us - Finance Director
  13. Contact Us - Fire Chief
  14. Contact Us - Hap Hazard
  15. Contact Us - HR Specialist
  16. Contact Us - Library Director
  17. Contact Us - Library-Children's Librarian
  18. Contact Us - Library-Technical Services Department
  19. Contact Us - Parks
  20. Contact Us - Planning & Zoning Coordinator
  21. Contact Us - Police Administration
  22. Contact Us - Police Community Service Officer
  23. Contact Us - Police Records
  24. Contact Us - Public Works Building Official
  25. Contact Us - Recreation
  26. Contact Us - Senior Accountant
  27. Contact Us - Teen Court
  28. Contact Us - Training Division
  29. Contact Us - Water and Sewer Utilities


  1. Court Hearing Request Form for violations that are NOT in a warrant or late status

    You should expect to receive notification of your hearing date via email in no more than two business days, it is your responsibility... More…

  1. Driver Safety Course Affidavit


  1. Newsletter Submissions

    This form is for submitting content to be included in the digital city-newsletter. An option is available for an email blast. Email... More…

  2. Report of Gift, Favor Gratuity or Donation received over $25.00
  1. Remote Access Report Form

    This form must be filled out of an employee allows a vendor/contractor remote access to their computer to troubleshoot an issue.

Parks and Community Services

  1. Class Instructor Proposal Form

    Form for prospective instructors to propose class at the Community Center.

  1. COVID-19 Check-in

    Please answer these questions at every check-in at the Community Center.

Records Management

  1. Records Management Form

    Please utilize this form to submit Records Inventory Logs and Records Disposition Logs to the Records Management Officer.

Watauga Economic Development Corporation

  1. Business Registration

    Use this form to register your business with the Watauga Economic Development Corporation