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Application for Citizen Focus Group

  1. The purpose of the Watauga Citizen’s Focus Group is to provide an opportunity for the City to gather citizen perspectives and opinions about services provided by the City in an effort to find new ways to improve the citizen experience.
  2. Contact Information
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Demographics
  5. In the spirit of diversifying the class, please fill out the following. Please note that you ARE NOT REQUIRED to answer these questions to be considered for the class.
  6. I acknowledge that attendance is important and I commit to attend all sessions. I also understand that if I miss 2 (two) sessions I will be able to make up the absences by attending 2 (two) City Council Meetings and obtaining signature verification from the City Secretary. Additionally, I understand that if I miss more than 2 (two) sessions I will be automatically withdrawn from the Focus Group.*
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