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ANNEX E - Request to Speak Form

  2. Public Comment:

    Public Comment during City Council Meetings provides citizens an opportunity to make comments or present information to the City Council. All comments must be directed to the City Council and not an individual Council Member or City Staff. Council may only provide statements of fact on issues raised during Public Comment and may direct the City Manager to resolve or request the matter be placed on a future agenda. Public comments shall not include any “deliberation” as defined by Chapter 551 of the Government Code, as now or hereafter amended.

  3. Public Testimony during action items:

    Public Testimony on items for Council action gives citizens an opportunity to provide testimony on items listed when under consent agenda or action items prior to any action being taken by Council.

  4. Only those persons who submit a completed Request to Speak form prior to the agenda item being introduced by the Chair will be allowed to speak on agenda items set for action (this doesn’t include presentations or reports). The Chair shall ask each person requesting to speak to approach the podium when called to speak.

  5. Members of the City Council may ask questions or discuss the item directly with the citizen during the citizen’s testimony if necessary. Any discussion between a Council member and the citizen will not count toward the time limit and Council Members are encouraged not to speak until the citizen has first utilized their allocated time.

  6. Please complete the information on the form below and submit it to the City Secretary prior to the start of the Council Meeting.  Forms not submitted as required will not be accepted. (Check all that apply)

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