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ANNEX E - Request to Speak Form

  2. Public comment during City Council Meetings provides citizens an opportunity to make comments or present information to the City Council. All comments must be directed to the City Council and not an individual Council Member or City Staff. The City Council may only provide statements of fact on issues raised during Public Comment and may direct the City Manager to resolve or request the matter be placed on a future agenda. Public comments shall not include any ‘deliberation” as defined by Chapter 551 of the Government Code, as nor or hereafter amended.

    After submitting the information on the form below and submit it to the City Secretary prior to the start of the meeting. For Public Hearing items forms must be submitted prior to the introduction of the item. Forms not submitted as required will not be accepted.

    If speaking for an organization or group, the speaker should identify the group represented. If speaking during Public Comment (for matters no posted on that particular meeting’s agenda), members of the City Council and Staff may only provide a statement of factual information in response to the inquire or recite existing policy in response (e.g., to correct factual misstatements made by the citizen or provide factual information requested by the citizen). Any deliberation of or decision about the subject of the inquiry shall be limited to a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a future meeting. If necessary, the Chair will task the City Manager to respond to the citizen a report back to the City Council as soon as practicable. Such report to the City Council shall not constitute a meeting called by the City Council, nor shall it constitute a deliberation of formal action.

    Individual citizens addressing the City Council during Public Comment shall not exceed three (3) minutes in their comments; however, the Chair may extend or reduce the speaker’s allotted time in order to conduct an efficient and effective public meeting. The time allotted shall not be donated to others desiring to speak. Public Comment is not established to engage in a conversation with the City Council, and no formal Council action will be taken. Individuals addressing Council and in attendance will refrain from using profanity when speaking.

  3. Please complete the information on the form below and submit it to the City Secretary prior to the start of the Council Meeting.  Forms not submitted as required will not be accepted. (Check all that apply)

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